Monday, May 29, 2017

Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

Yes. The ketogenic diet does lead to weight loss.

A friend's 13 year-old daughter dances with my daughter and I've known them for two years. She dances approximately 15-20 hours per week. She would be considered "overweight" by practical standards. It is weird that she dances that much and still struggled with weight. Let me be clear, she DANCES. She doesn't just show up and give it 50%. She comes out of every class sweating and I see her give it 100% in every class I see. Mom decided to try something to help her lose weight, and came across the ketogenic diet. The transformation has been amazing. I don't know how much weight she has lost, but she looks amazing. She is still maybe 10 lbs away from a realistic goal, but sticking to the ketogenic diet has made the weight just fall off of her. I want to add, also, that she had been eating sugar-free candy as a treat, and when she stopped, she lost weight even faster.

I would not encourage this diet for full time use, as avoiding fruits and many vegetables will lead to other problems more severe than obesity. But it does work. It has also worked for my friend, the mom, and her son, who is also an athlete.

If you choose to follow the ketogenic diet, please do so carefully and under your doctor's care if you have other health problems.

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