Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Frozen Shoulder Remedy and Trigger Points

This is a remedy for frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, that you can do at home by yourself.

After painting the inside of my rental house a couple of years ago, the shoulder that had been nagging me a bit became excruciatingly painful. I couldn't do much with my arm at all, and my chiropractor offered no advice. I did change chiropractors, and my new one sent me to have it checked out after an x-ray looked odd. Eventually the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with adhesive capsulitis and I kind of got the feeling that since I wasn't a surgery candidate, I was a disappointment. But he was glad to stick a needle in my shoulder! While the cortisone shot was painful, it did help a LOT. Physical therapy helped with stretches, but after I returned to the orthopedic surgeon for a follow up, he took me off physical therapy out of fear that I was being pushed too hard. He offered me another shot, but I turned it down and wanted to wait and see if it got bad enough to warrant it again. I was on the bubble at the time, and the pain of the shot was not worth it at that point. And I'm glad, because I never needed a shot again!

Here is what helped relieve my frozen shoulder. I wish I had learned this at the very beginning! In this video, you can jump to 1:11 for the specific instructions of what to do.

An excellent video explaining trigger points:

The most useful video by far about trigger points:

I hope this answers some questions for you. I'm sure this information will save you a little in doctor visits for unexplained pain! Also, if you are in pain but don't have any trigger points that you can find, remember that nutritional deficiencies can cause pain as well. If you aren't taking vitamins, you have deficiencies!