Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's in YOUR Water?

At least once a month, I get the rude awakening that friends of mine are still drinking water straight from the tap. It literally makes me want to vomit when I see it, not only because I know the kinds of things that are in there, but also because I know it tastes absolutely horrible! I've been selling Water Distillers for almost a decade, but most friends don't realize this. I decided I'm just not in their faces enough asking, "What in the WORLD are you thinking?!" when I realize what they are drinking. I'm a really crappy sales person!

So to all my friends who are drinking tap water, STOP. Just stop. Did you know that you have been drinking trihalomethanes (cancer-causing compounds resulting when chemical disinfectants react with organic matter in the water), fluoride (a toxin), pharmaceutical wastes, arsenic, lead, bacteria, pesticides...and this is the SHORT list!

Did you know that many municipal treatment plants cannot effectively treat giardia and cryptosporidia? Water experts estimate that 63% of waterborne illnesses are directly caused by these chlorine resistant cysts which can be fatal to the immune suppressed.

I bet you thought fluoride was good, but did you know that it's actually toxic and banned in China, India, Israel, Japan, and effectively banned in the European Union?

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 initially regulated only 22 contaminants. Today there are 85,000 chemicals on the Federal Registry and about 1,000 new chemicals are added each year, though "safe" standards have been set for only 91 contaminants. The EPA is looking at 10,000 emerging pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural contaminants already known to be in tap water, though only 104 of these common contaminants are currently under consideration by the EPA for regulation.

If you are wondering why the government doesn't ensure a safe water supply, consider that each household only drinks about a half gallon of water for every 100 gallons used per person each day. So it would be crazy for "authorities" to spend money on treating water going right down the drain.

Be your own authority. Realize now what has made sense to me for close to a decade. Water from the tap is NOT fit for consumption. Before you start patting yourself on the backs, bottled water drinkers,  the Environmental Working Group found that bottled water is not necessarily any safer than ordinary tap water. The lab tests of 10 popular brands identified 38 pollutants ranging from fertilizer residue to industrial solvents. (Not to mention, some bottled water costs more than gasoline, ALL those stupid plastic bottles, and lugging them home every week?! Yuck!)

Now, I'd like to say here that any old filtering system will do, but I know too much. You can purify your own water at home (the same yucky water that comes out of your tap!) but there are so many ways to do it. I'm going to jump right to the point, the BEST purification method is distillation.

The word "distillation" probably leads to visions of huge metal contraptions with tubes in your basement, banging and chugging as it spits out water into a huge vat. But what if I told you that a home water distiller resembled a coffee maker? See for yourself...
Nice, huh? That is just one distiller, and there are other styles to choose from. But no matter what it looks like, the point is... it purifies your water, EVERY single time. It doesn't lose effectiveness over time like all filters do, and you know your water is purified because you are doing it yourself rather than trusting someone else to do it. I'm sorry, but isn't this a no brainer?!

I know you are thinking now...what about cost? While the initial investment is a few hundred dollars up front, you will save about 70% compared to bottled water (which remember, isn't even near as safe as your own purified water!)When you distill your own water, you get ALL the bad stuff out, not just what a filter is rated for (usually just the chlorine/taste). Then, you can add back in only what you want. Whether apple cider vinegar, lemon, vitamins, or just plain water, it is DELICIOUS. Recently I gave a gallon to a friend of mine, and he made his morning coffee with it. He RAVED about how much better the coffee tasted when made with pure water.

Distilled water is also useful around the house, and you will always have some on hand.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can learn more at Waterwise Distillers. I hope I have convinced you to take a look at this problem more closely. Seriously, we aren't getting any younger and your choice of drinking water can have an impact on your health. Make a positive impact on it today!

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