Monday, June 24, 2013

Keeping up with the Kardashians Cancer Episode

It takes a lot to admit I watch this show, so you can imagine how moved I am to admit it so I can address what I just saw tonight on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Tonight, Scott Dissick visited "Josie," a cancer patient, who wanted to meet Scott to fulfill her bucket list. Why she would want this is beyond me, but in any case the woman was awesome! Sadly, she mentioned having gone through an aggressive form of chemotherapy and radiation for lung cancer, which she said, "Worked." But a couple of years later, the cancer returned in five places. I guess it depends on your definition of "worked," but if it had, she would not be dealing with cancer again, especially not so soon after treatment. Unfortunately, this is how it usually works.

Chemotherapy has a VERY low success rate. Of course it depends on many factors, including type of cancer, but it is unsuccessful in 96-98% of cancers.


I felt sad for Josie. Here is this vibrant, bubbly woman with loving friends and family who does not know better than to listen to these doctors who are (literally) going to kill her. I know that sounds cold, but I don't know how to put it any other way. And then I got angry.

At the end of the show, this was put on the screen:

Perhaps you don't know Mary Ellis-Bunim or Bonnie Bogard. If you grew up watching The Real World like I did, you have seen Ellis-Bunim's name numerous times. Bogard was an employee of Ellis-Bunim, and ironically, the two died within two days of each other, both from cancer.

I'm all for remembering those who have died. But here's the irony, and what prompts me to write this. Mary Ellis-Bunim and Bonnie Bogard died in 2004. Here, nine years later, after trillions of dollars have been funneled into the cancer industry, Josie sits and laments the return of her cancer. NOTHING has changed. But we are supposed to donate to cancer research? For WHAT?!

I want to know WHERE it has gotten us to give scientists our money? And why is this show just feeding the monster? Am I the only one watching this show who connected the current victim of this system (Josie) and the failure of the system in regards to Ellis-Bunim or Bogard? When will we have enough?

All of us have been touched by cancer in some way. With the access to information we have online today, there is no excuse for being ill-informed about this subject. If you simply search "chemotherapy success rates" you will find just about everything you need.

Instead of sending your money off to some organization who WILL waste it, spend it on taking care of yourself. Or help a friend take better care of him/herself. There are SO many things you can do to slash your chances of getting cancer, but I bet you have written them off as "too expensive." You can always earn that money back, but you can't earn anything when you're dead! Please, do the research until this is common sense to you, and then pass it on. The lives of your friends and family may depend on you.

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part I


"B" said...

I just read your post. I saw the same the names and thought they looked familiar, which eventually led me back to your post. Having worked in the hematology/oncology field for the past six years, combined with many courses in Biology, I have learned a lot about cancer during that time. However, I am far from being an expert at any of this. The mortality rate is no where near 96-98%. Those are far from accurate. There are over 2000 different types of chemotherapy, all serving a different purpose. In addition, there are mant types of cancer. So for someone to accuratly say that chemotherapy fails 96 - 98% they would need to research each individual drug and each of the many different cases of Cancer. Cancer forms when cells are formed in your body, which are very different "mutated" than the normal cells. This is usually caused by a genetic make up, which is passed from generations to generations. All cells must go through apoptosis which is simply a programmed death of each cell. When a mutated cell appears, the do not go through apoptosis, so they end up consuming the all the proteins and other substances necessary tor "the good cells" to survive. And since the mutated cells "cancer" are not programmed to die, the consume the good cells and they take over our bodies which will eventually kill us. Now I mention all of the because cancer is started through certain genetics. Since it is physically impossible to change genetics, we have to focus on ways to kill the cancer cells, once they appear. That is where chemo therapy comes in. Since cancer cells do not die as other cells do "apoptosis" Chemotherapy kills all of our cells both cancerous and our good cells we need to survive. As all cells are killed off we have to take drugs to boast our "white blood cells" which are the good ones I think and the process is repeated until all cancer cells are gone and all of our good cells are where they need to be, numbers wise. I agree with you in the fact that you cannot cure cancer. However, we as a country and across the world have made great strides in the chemotherapy we use to treat cancer. Compared to ten years ago, we are light years beyond where we were at that time. The problems arise, most recently, with our president and his administration. They have put so many regulations on how they medications are used. As a result, Medicare and other insurance companies will not pay for a lot of these medications past a certain dosage. This directs the bill to you and I, "the people who have paid all their lives for insurance". I we cannot afford to pay for the treatment we need so bad, all because of Obamas new health care bills, then we do not get the treatment we need and we die. It's ridiculous! As always, it's more complicated than that but that's the biggest problem, in a nutt shell. Another huge problem is with doctors and their lack of knowledge and experience. After losing several family members to cancer, I can't say it enough.....please research the doctor you are using. A lot of them are un experienced and lack the knowledge. Research would be a really important consideration, especially once your life is at stake. As you pointed out, I hate the way they dedicate the show to two people who passed away years ago. Why not dedicate the show to that lady in the show. It doesn't have to be "in memory of" It can be simply "dedicated to". But I guess she is considered a nobody like you, me, or anyone else not in the biz. I enjoyed your post and ill definitely have to stop by when I'm not writing in mine. Take care please!

Evie said...

Thank you for reading, and for your comment. The failure rate stated in the article does not refer to mortality rate. The problem with chemotherapy is that while it might kill the current cancer, it causes other cancers. It is only effective with certain cancers, while severely unsuccessful for other cancers. But doctors still use it, because they've got nothing else. This is why some people take their lives into their own hands and do their own research. They use "alternative" therapies like eating right, exercising, meditating, etc. Lots of these alternative therapies are found online, but people still want to listen to their doctors, who don't know or don't tell them how poorly chemotherapy works. I agree with what you say about Obamacare in general. The only bright side is that maybe people will start taking better care of themselves if they fear the lack of "healthcare."

Kara said...

You should point out that the "alternative" therapies you mention have absolutely zero curative properties. You are not going to rid your body of cancer by eating right and meditating. If it were that easy then no one would be dying of cancer. There will never be major advancements in the treatment of cancer aside from better medications because the is only so much that can be done. It will always be surgery, chemo and radiation because it does work, depending on the type and severity of cancer. I think it is sad that you are contributing to the misinformation that abounds about healthcare in general and cancer specifically. Yes, you should research your doctor and do what you can to make sure you are getting the best treatment. But while there is a chance that treatment will not be successful, there is a 100% that not doing any treatment will be fatal. Choosing only alternative therapies is dangerous and plain stupid. Also, just because cancer can reoccur doesn't mean that it was not cured. If I get an infection that is treated and then get the same infection years later it does not mean that the original infection was not cured by my antibiotic treatment. The woman on the show was treated for lung cancer, which was eliminated. Just because she later had metastases elsewhere does not mean that the lung cancer treatment did not work.

Evie said...

I suggest you start doing some research. MANY people have cured their cancers with diet. Since stress and anxiety cause a number of health problems, including cancers, meditation works as well. "Eating right" is an understatement, as the term is very subjective. I suggest you take a look at for starters. You also seem to have some confusion about success rates in regards to both alternative therapies and conventional treatment. I suggest you visit . We have been lied to and misled when it comes to cancer. It is an industry; a money-making industry preying on people's lives. My ex-husband worked for the American Cancer Society, and I will never give them a penny of my money.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree that chemo and radiation destroy your body. Those of you who are interested should look at the Budwig diet, research that and also Louise Hay. I feel that doctors are not educated at all on alternative healing therefore they have nothing else to offer other than chemo and radiation. It's really sad. At least be open minded if you are in the job of wanting to heal people