Saturday, May 26, 2012

Non-Electric Distiller

I've been selling distillers for many years now, and recently noticed a trend in non-electric distiller sales. If you know anything about disaster preparedness or emergency survival, you already know why these sales have occurred. When "it" hits the fan, you want to be able to purify water for your family to drink. Should something happen to our potable water supply, or electricity, we need to be prepared. Now, I'm not saying that anything is going to hit a fan, I'm just saying IF it did, you are going to be thirsty! If this is something that has concerned you, please take a look at my non-electric water distiller, provided by Waterwise. Also known as the Waterwise 1600 Model, it can be used with or without electricity. You can learn more at Waterwise 1600 Non-electric Water Distiller !
Waterwise 1600