Monday, October 17, 2011

Fluoride Dangers

If you haven't heard, the fluoride that has been added to our water supply (in most U.S. cities) is not only bad for you, it's BAAAAAAAAAD for you.

I've written about fluoride dangers since 2005, and now more and more doctors and dentists are changing their tune about ingestion of fluoride. The problem is that many parents still don't listen. I'm not sure why. I don't know what it will take. But I'm going to keep sharing the information until people start listening! Here is another great video, a first in the series...

To rid your body (and pineal gland in the brain) of fluoride and heavy metals, you can do an EDTA detox. To keep as much fluoride and heavy metals from your body as possible, drink home distilled water. Also, make sure you use this water for babies, especially when making formula from powder! My favorite fluoride-free toothpaste is Dr. Collins Restore Revitalizing Toothpaste. It contains Novamin, which re-mineralizes teeth even better than fluoride was supposed to.
To learn more about using EDTA, you can read Everything You Should Know About Chelation Therapy.

Oh, and any fluoride ads below this, PLEASE IGNORE! Or, click on the link and contact the company to tell them why you won't be using their product!

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