Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How important is your shower?

Many people don't realize how harmful their daily shower is. Until they get sick, that is. It seems that the most active health shoppers are those who have or have had cancer or other diseases, which is when they look up health information and learn about changes they can make to remain healthy. Most of us already know that we should be concerned about the water we drink. Unfortunately there are still many people who feel that what comes from the tap is good enough for consumption. All I can say is EW. At least get a filter, people! (We distill ours at home).

But almost ALL people don't realize that showering in tap water is even more harmful than drinking it all day! Contaminants are absorbed through skin, but even worse, are breathed through the lungs. Baths are safer, as a bath does not produce constant steam where chloroform can be breathed in constantly. But baths produce their own set of problems, especially for women and girls. Click here for more information about why an unfiltered shower is dangerous for your health.

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