Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Home Distilled Water ~ There's NOTHING better!

If you are purchasing bottled water, I have to wonder...why? For the last seven years or so, we have been distilling our water at home and have enjoyed water that I know is contaminant-free. But we recently moved, and the distiller was in a long lost box somewhere and I couldn't find it for over a week. So I purchased a gallon of spring water. It tasted so bad I had to put something in my water just to get it down. Then I decided to try the store's "fill your own jug" reverse osmosis PLUS UV light treatment purifier and it was even worse! It tasted so much of chlorine I wanted to go back to the store and tell them they needed to check their system.

Luckily, I found my distiller. And I was reminded through this of what people are doing everyday: purchasing substandard water with unknown contaminants that are possibly not even better than what they can get from their own tap. And even worse...paying MORE for it! With a home water distiller that sits on your countertop, you KNOW that you are getting a pure product and it actually SAVES YOU MONEY. Not to mention, NO MORE CARRYING HOME GALLONS OF WATER. Also, no more plastic bottles going into the landfill. With a home water distiller, you CAN'T LOSE. Check out your options and start drinking home distilled water within a week!

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