Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, BEEF Can Help Prevent CANCER!

As food prices soar, many people are re-examining the food they buy and eat on a regular basis. Hopefully, your source of meat has been a topic in your examination, and I hope that you aren't just shopping based on price.
Many people have heard that meat is bad for the body and that it can actually cause cancer and other health problems. Not many have heard the complete opposite, which is actually the truth, if you eat the right meat! But what IS "the right" meat?
There is no question that grass fed meats and grass fed dairy are more healthy options than conventional meat and dairy. If you are wondering about your meat and dairy, chances are, it is grain-fed. In natural food markets, grass fed meats may be out of your price range. If you buy straight from the farm, your prices will be much closer to the prices you are accustomed to, but the benefits of what you are buying are through the roof!
Here is information about CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) benefits to your health.
Here is more information about CLA and sources of it (grass-fed animals).

If you are wondering where to get grass-fed meats and dairy, you might find a source near you at Four years ago we found a source and drive straight to the farm for our meat, eggs, and raw dairy. Recently, the farm owner actually LOWERED his prices due to the rising costs of gas and other food items. Where does THAT ever happen?!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Roundup and Birth Deffects. Is the public being kept in the dark?

People generally believe what they are told, especially when it comes from experts, regulators, doctors, etc. When will we ever learn? People who do not depend on the herbicide/pesticide industry for money have spoken out for YEARS about the dangers of these products being used on food and/or around people (especially kids). Nobody wanted to listen. We all want to trust the "experts" without using common sense. Here is the report so you can read for yourself:

Roundup and Birth Deffects. Is the public being kept in the dark?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Home Distilled Water ~ There's NOTHING better!

If you are purchasing bottled water, I have to wonder...why? For the last seven years or so, we have been distilling our water at home and have enjoyed water that I know is contaminant-free. But we recently moved, and the distiller was in a long lost box somewhere and I couldn't find it for over a week. So I purchased a gallon of spring water. It tasted so bad I had to put something in my water just to get it down. Then I decided to try the store's "fill your own jug" reverse osmosis PLUS UV light treatment purifier and it was even worse! It tasted so much of chlorine I wanted to go back to the store and tell them they needed to check their system.

Luckily, I found my distiller. And I was reminded through this of what people are doing everyday: purchasing substandard water with unknown contaminants that are possibly not even better than what they can get from their own tap. And even worse...paying MORE for it! With a home water distiller that sits on your countertop, you KNOW that you are getting a pure product and it actually SAVES YOU MONEY. Not to mention, NO MORE CARRYING HOME GALLONS OF WATER. Also, no more plastic bottles going into the landfill. With a home water distiller, you CAN'T LOSE. Check out your options and start drinking home distilled water within a week!

How important is your shower?

Many people don't realize how harmful their daily shower is. Until they get sick, that is. It seems that the most active health shoppers are those who have or have had cancer or other diseases, which is when they look up health information and learn about changes they can make to remain healthy. Most of us already know that we should be concerned about the water we drink. Unfortunately there are still many people who feel that what comes from the tap is good enough for consumption. All I can say is EW. At least get a filter, people! (We distill ours at home).

But almost ALL people don't realize that showering in tap water is even more harmful than drinking it all day! Contaminants are absorbed through skin, but even worse, are breathed through the lungs. Baths are safer, as a bath does not produce constant steam where chloroform can be breathed in constantly. But baths produce their own set of problems, especially for women and girls. Click here for more information about why an unfiltered shower is dangerous for your health.