Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vitamin D According to Dr. Mercola

We've been taking Vitamin D in "large" amounts for the past two years during fall and winter. Though I have two young kids and have historically had a weak immune system, we have been flu free since...I can't remember. Even colds that come up now are gone within a week. In the past, they have dragged on for many weeks. Not to mention, for the first time EVER, both of my kids have been getting "no cavities" reports at the dentist office. This was after YEARS of poor dental health. (See my story on Preventing Cavities in Baby Teeth). So I mention Vitamin D here a lot. It's important. And it's one of those vitamins that keeps getting a bad rap by the sheeple of big pharma. So as long as they keep pushing, I'll keep pushing back. Here's Dr. Mercola's article:

Why the New Vitamin D Recommendations Spell Disaster For Your Health

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