Friday, December 31, 2010

Making Your Own Juice

When my son came down with the flu, he CRAVED orange juice. Since we were home for Christmas break and I had the time, I got out one of our juicers and made some REAL orange juice. I don't know how long I've had juicers but this was the first time I made orange juice at home! I just couldn't see feeding him that worthless store bought junk when he really needed something fresh, with vitamins intact so he could get better faster. Luckily, our local grocer had oranges on sale, too, so we actually juiced them cheaper than it would cost to buy the pasteurized stuff at the store. Man, was it yummy!

You might be wondering why I have two juicers. Well, they both were given to me. I know we should be using them more, but the fact is, they ARE a pain to clean, and with my limited time these days it just doesn't happen. If I were to come down with cancer or something, yeah, I would find the time then, wouldn't I? Here are the two I have, both of which work decently. There are better ones on the market according to reviews, but if someone gives YOU a juicer, accept it graciously and see what it will do!
This is the Jack LaLanne juicer. It worked really well on the oranges. I do not leave peels on, since I read that it makes the juice more bitter. I prefer a mechanical juicer to the "break your wrist twisting the orange on it" juicer because the mechanical juicer removes all the pulp. Plus, it gets more juice out!

The other juicer I have is a Juiceman. It works adequately, too. I was just reading a review that complained that it didn't work after daily use for over a year. Well I'm thinking that's not bad for what these machines do! Obviously, your juicer will start failing faster if you juice carrots everyday, which a lot of people do.

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