Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should Parents be Forced to Give their Child Chemotherapy?

I just read an interesting blog post from Dr. Laura that I totally disagree with. You can read it here:
Dr. Laura, like most people in the USA, assumes that chemotherapy is a life-saving cancer treatment that will surely save this boy from his disease. She also assumes that natural treatments will be ineffective. But how does she know? She doesn't. The fact is that information is being withheld from people that would help them better understand how cancer works and how best to defeat it.
I have a friend whose little boy was in cancer treatment. She did a lot of her own research on the side, and found it astonishing that while doctors pumped dangerous drugs into these cancer-stricken children, they also fed them cancer-causing foods and watched parents give them pop from their own machines while in the hospital! People are still in denial that their diets have anything to do with cancer or any other disease they might "end up with." This is because the cancer industry is focusing on the expensive drugs that fund their paychecks and not on what people really need to know!
Quickly Googling "how effective is chemotherapy" will bring up loads of information on this topic including this great article: The fact is, chemotherapy has proven much less effective in treating cancers, yet doctors still present it as a panacea for cancer in almost all cases. (It has a 2-5% success rate!)
The other question here is whether or not the government has the right to make us or our children receive medical care that we do not want. How is it any more their right to decide what medical care children should receive than their own parents' rights? And does this mean that if government imposed treatment is forced unwillingly that parents can sue when the treatment doesn't work? The last time I checked, I live in the USA. We have certain freedoms here. And as far as I'm concerned, being intelligent and conscientious and not allowing my child to receive treatment that will possibly kill him before the disease does is a freedom that should be encouraged by our citizens, members of government included. Let them have our soldiers; our children are parents' responsibilities!!

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