Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crystal Stick Deodorant

If you have seen the Crystal Stick deodorant in the little purple container and always wondered if it worked, it does! As a matter of fact, it works WAY better than other natural deodorants. For me it has even worked better than the "fully loaded" un-natural deodorants that are supposed to stop anything. Not only does the Crystal Stick not stain your shirts, it doesn't leave that gooey mess in your armpits, which might matter to you now that summer is fast approaching. For campers and hikers, you can rest assured that none of nature's winged creatures will be attracted to you this summer since the Crystal Stick has no scent.
The Crystal Stick is made of natural mineral salts and is completely free of chemicals, perfumes, and dyes. You simply wet the stick (or use on wet arm pits after shower) and rub on the arm pits just like you would any regular deodorant. You can also use it on smelly feet!
Of course, after swimming, you would need to re-apply, whereas a regular deodorant would hang on after swimming. If you've always wondered about this product, now you know! Try will save you money! One stick lasts approximately one year.

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Anonymous said...

It's true. Me and my hubby both switched from regular deodorants/antiperspirants to crystal sticks, and they do work. I feel better not stressing about the chemicals I'm putting on/in my body. And my husband needs something STRONG, but it works! LOL