Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eliminate Fear of Failure

Here is a great letter from Mike Brescia that I wanted to share because it came to me JUST after I realized these things on my own. Perhaps it will help someone learn much earlier what took me 37 years to learn!

Yesterday, I was asked by a client how he could get the stressors in his life to go away. He said that he was smart, talented, outgoing, hardworking and ambitious, but that he would frequently get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and all the directions he was being pulled in each day.

I told him that his request is an unreasonable one.

The stressors -- responsibilities -- will not go away, nor should they.

Because to get rid of one, another one will probably, as if by magic, replace it.

This is a good thing, because no responsibilities means that you are either dead or a complete burden to others.

I told him to not wish them to be gone, but to give them new labels and meanings instead. Because when nothing on the outside can or should change, it is on the inside where the only good can be done.

Many parts of your life are literally about jobs, tasks, responsibilities... so when you can experience the joy built into each one of them, instead of seeing them as your curse, you will not feel any negative stress, even though nothing on the outside of you has changed at all.

Our duties are the DOINGS of our lives.

Without them, there is no life at all.

Even play is filled with tasks and duties and rules. What would our favorite games be without rules that all players must adhere to.

I told him that he must change the meaning that he gives to his chores in all areas of his life.

When he does this, what he calls stress will melt away.

He now calls them stressors...

So I told him to call them things he gets to do, vows, promises or pledges.

Instantly he felt great.

He said they didn't seem scary any more.

That is the power of labels. That is why people will work hard and long for a title even when no additional compensation (or any compensation at all) goes with it.

Now, of course, his emotional change was in the moment. And emotions can work quickly for you. But they can just as quickly turn negative again when your lifelong patterns get back in control...

And they WILL take over again even after profound emotional breakthroughs occur.

Life-long conditioning is what put our long-time fears in place. Conditioning over a lifetime is what makes us give the meanings we put on things.

To one person, a sunset is the most beautiful thing in the world, but to another it only means that a dreadful tomorrow is that much closer.

Those viewpoints weren't developed overnight.

Everyone has fears due to unsupportive meanings and viewpoints.

So when I myself feel less than some task I have before me, I now use 'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' to give me strength. When I read the words, and affirm to myself silently or out loud, I begin instantly to feel bigger, more capable. Smarter, even though I didn't grow smarter in seconds. Stronger, even though I am no stronger than I was moments before.

And the challenge (responsibility) seems smaller somehow, and easier.

The thing to remember is that nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it.

And those meanings create emotions, which guide decisions.

To be free of fear and negative stress is to automatically-- without having to think -- view what is in front of you as a grain of sand that can be walked upon and passed by without conscious effort.

Do that and your life will be a smooth, enjoyable flow, no matter what "difficulty" or "deadline" you have in front of you.

'Releasing Fear Of Failure Now!' can do that for you.

It will internalize and condition into you empowering emotions relating to the things that frighten you and that stop you from living fully and being as adventurous as you once dreamed of being and still dream of being.


Mike Brescia

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