Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reusable Grocery Bags

I am so glad that I was finally able to add reusable bags to our product line. I have been wanting to do this for so long, and I finally worked it out! We have both an organic cotton tote, and the famous "GreenBag" that works great, too. Once I loaded up the bags I was amazed at how much would fit inside! We also have lightweight organic cotton sacks for holding produce and other items. It is often difficult to market reusable items such as grocery bags and diapers, since most people don't have to live with or see on a daily basis where all that trash goes. Not to mention, grocery bags are "free" if you don't realize that you pay for it in other ways. But for people who care about the environment, (their environment and their children's environment) it makes sense to do what you can now. Not to mention, we are setting an excellent example for our children when we use reusable items. They often grow up to have the same habits their parents had, so why not teach them well? In any case, they will probably be required by law to furnish their own grocery bags, as I'm sure the next couple of decades will show the rest of the country catching up to the plastic bag ban in San Francisco.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tees for Change

Tees for ChangeThis company has a great idea: changing our attitudes, one tee at a time! Founded by Andreea in spring 2007, the idea came about when she was faced with negative responses to her desire for a home birth. "What if everything goes wrong?" she was asked over and over again.
"What if everything goes right?" she wondered.
Sharing a bit of her positive attitude on every tee shirt produced by Tees for Change, her positive impact doesn't stop there. Every shirt is made in "sweatshop-free" factories from 100% organic cotton, or 70% bamboo/ 30% organic cotton. Shirts are dyed using low-impact eco-friendly dyes and are screenprinted with non-toxic, water-based inks.
Whether you want to "choose happiness" or "seek balance" I'm sure you will find a t-shirt just right for you, or even for a gift! Share a little positivity and watch the world smile back at you!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Buying Used Items Conserves Natural Resources

I know this sounds really bad to some people, but I LOVE shopping in thrift stores! I don't get high from new, chemical laden clothes, and the next STEAL could be just around the corner! It's like a rush. Of course there are visits that produce nothing, even after hours of looking, but imagine the money that I save when I don't find anything.
I'm obviously not fashion conscious, and I'll never promise to boycott Old Navy or some of my other favorite stores, but when you stay at home for most of your existence, how fancy do your clothes really need to be? Comfort is key, and at thrift stores I've found some really nice Land's End, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, LL Bean, and other great brand name clothing that lasted me a few more years. I've also found a TON of clothing for my children. In Gwinnett County where we once lived, there were four Goodwill stores near us, and they had the BEST selection in children's clothes. I also shopped at Kidsignments twice a year, and boy, do I miss those sales!
Between thrift stores, consignment sales, and garage sales, our clothing needs are fairly covered. But don't think I'm just cheap! I also shop these sales because it is important to me that we conserve resources. Every time you buy something used, you prevent a new item from being created. You get a perfectly good product, where the chemicals have been long washed out, and you get a good conscience because you have saved some money and helped the environment as well. This is important, especially considering that cotton requires a TON of pesticides to grow (yes, "ton" is a scientific expression!)
Since I am no longer able to sell our children's clothing at the Kidsignments sale, I have set up a Bargain Basement on my website where I sell their clothes and shoes which are still worth selling! In addition to the toddler girl and boy clothes, I have also added baby items, homeschooling items, books, and other things just lying around the house. Stop by and support our cause, and feel good about the money you save and the resources you are helping to conserve!