Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cancer Awareness or Cancer Prevention?

In response to what's coming next month- "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (BCAM) I am contemplating the question of the motive of BCAM and pink ribbon campaigns. Have you ever thought about it? Why call it "awareness"? Do people not know about cancer? What are we supposed to become aware of during October? Why don't they call it "Breast Cancer Prevention Month?" The fact of the matter is that AstraZeneca (the main corporate sponsor of BCAM) who makes tamoxifen, (the top selling breast cancer drug), has no interest in preventing breast cancer. As a matter of fact, they push early detection because the sooner cancer is detected, the sooner we will be on their drugs.

How much do you know about the cancer industry, and how much time and money have you given them? Did you know that they already get millions of our tax dollars already? And they spend a majority of it on drug research and administrative costs. What about education? What about prevention? Where does that fit in?

Do some surfing around at I am certainly not the only one asking these questions, and they provide many of the answers along with literature that you can share with others. Just ask them!

Some more information on cancer can be found at This information is critical for those newly diagnosed, and especially for those with "terminal" cancer. Another thing I many people are alive and well, walking this earth who were diagnosed with terminal cancer YEARS ago? Have you ever wondered?

Keep your eyes and ears open! Search out information and you will find it.

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