Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer Dangers

There are a couple of things I've seen so far this summer which prompted me to mention these. Sometimes it is easy to forget that "mainstream" people don't think like us "weirdos." As a weirdo, I question EVERYTHING. I do not use anything without wondering about its safety. Two in particular are common, accepted products in just about every household, save us weirdos who have learned our lession:

1. Aspartame. I have seen about a million Diet Cokes this summer. These contain aspartame, as do many "diet" or "sugar-free" sodas and other foods. Aspartame is also found in products not labeled "diet" or "sugar-free." The best example of this is chewing gum. Since they contain both aspartame AND sugar, the fact that they contain aspartame is not apparent unless you look really hard. So what's wrong with aspartame? This says it all: If you consume this poison, please read the website!

2. Sunscreen. I've seen babies being slathered with sunscreen this summer. More and more doctors are realizing that safe sun exposure is much more healthy than the sunscreens. While many people consider sunscreen a benign product that helps prevent skin cancer, others realize that sunscreen itself is a free radical generator and that sunscreens are actually CAUSING cancer rather than preventing it:

Please take the time to look over this information and share it with friends as necessary. I understand that your friends will probably laugh at you and not listen to you. It happens to me all the time! But if we don't share vital information with our friends, they may not hear it at all!

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