Monday, July 31, 2006

Clean Water, Clean Air

Many times I have taken for granted what I know about environmental toxins. I remember back in the good ol' "ignorance is bliss" days I scoffed at people like me. But now I see people in my day to day life that are doing things that I just can't believe and I realize that they probably just don't know.

Six months ago we moved halfway across the country to a much smaller town. The socio-economic profiles of our former town and our new town could not be more opposite. There are many more families here in the lower socio-economic bracket. Incidentally, the cancer rate here seems very inflated. I think I've met more people here in 6 months that have had (or have) cancer than I've met in my entire life. I don't think this is coincidence.

Unfortunately, it is a matter of time before this fact comes to light for ALL people: The healthiest Americans will be those who can afford the necessary nutritional supplements, clean water, and clean air. Of course, there will be people who would rather have a slamming car stereo system than to worry about prevention measures. This is called "denial." But there will also be people who want to do everything possible for their health and they won't be able to afford it. This is called "poverty."

Our government would have us believe that our municipal water is adequate, that our air is not that bad, and that eating the right foods is enough to stay healthy. NONE of this is true. We are also convinced that improved health care systems will change our lives in some way, but the truth is that all it will do is make being sick more affordable! The government will never subsidize getting the BEST of anything, and when it comes to our health we MUST take action and do everything we can to afford clean air and water for our families.

What is so bad about our water?
There are so many things to worry about in water including "natural" contaminants from polluted streams and ground water, and added contaminants like chlorine and fluorine. Often times, people with well water think their water is safe to drink. That could not be further from the truth! Not only is well water as contaminated with toxins as our municipal water, it is not even tested unless you test it yourself.

The thinking is this: Your government officials do a great job "cleaning" your water. What they don't worry about is getting the "cleaners" out. They don't remove chlorine by-products because most of the water goes right down the toilet, on your lawn, or hosing things down. It is too expensive to remove chlorine, when only a small percentage of our water is consumed or bathed in. But they don't bother to tell you what to do to fix YOUR water...because they know that some of their community will not be able to afford it (or not want to)! Sure, many government officials are ignorant. But others are religiously consuming pure water without a care in the world whether or not their constituents know that the water they are drinking is killing them!

The problem with our water systems is that we all assume someone is keeping tabs on the water. But the truth is that there are MANY possible contaminants and our water is only tested for a small portion of them. Our new town has VERY hard water. It amazes me that people drink it right out of the tap. Recently I noticed in our city newspaper a warning that the water had tested for high levels of nitrates. It warned not to make baby formula or children's juices from this water. First of all, how many parents have time to sit down and read the paper? Secondly, why is it harmful for babies, but somehow okay for adults?

The thinking is that our bodies can "filter out" the bad stuff and will go right through. They are equipped to handle the toxins coming through in small amounts, unlike babies' bodies which are not yet fully developed, not to mention much smaller. Yet, most adults have numerous health problems and for some reason we don't look first to what we are eating and drinking! We go to the doctor to get a pill!

We spent years drinking filtered water, and then I learned about the fluoride problems. I quickly researched and settled on a water distiller. Distilled water is the only form of pure water available. We have been drinking it for over a year now and we are very happy with our decision. You can learn more about distillers at The thing about distilling your own water at home is that you actually SAVE MONEY over bottled water. If you want more information about drinking water, we have some books that might help. You will learn about the different types of water and why distilled is better.

It is also important to note that SHOWERING IN CONTAMINATED WATER FOR 10 MINUTES IS WORSE THAN DRINKING THE SAME WATER ALL DAY! Not only are you breathing it in, it is being absorbed through the skin. You can get a shower filter and feel comfortable about the water you are bathing in.

What about Clean Air?

Similar problems exist for the air you breathe. Most of us don't realize that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. This is due to off gassing of carpet, furniture, bedding, and building materials as well as radon coming from the ground beneath your house (which is a leading cause of lung cancer). Many of our houses are also moldy. We have chosen Airwise Air Purifiers to keep our indoor air clean. Not only have they helped many with allergies, they oxidize odors, fungi, mold and other parasites, and toxic chemical gases; settle dust and other large particles out of the air; and destroy microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

Having clean air is not cheap, and many find that getting prescription drugs every month for ailments such as allergies and asthma is easier to swallow than a chunk of money at one time for an air purifier. But which has the greater benefit? A drug that we all know has side effects, many unknown, or breathing clean air?
It is an unfortunate, but true tale. We are allowing toxins into our body on a daily basis through the air and water we breathe and consume. Many of us don't even realize it. And for those of us who do, we can only hope that we aren't one of the unfortunate who can't afford to change that fact.

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